Contra Evolution

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 agar game  ini jalan silahkan untuk mendownload net framework, directx dan visual c++

             PLAYER CONTROLS
P1 Controls:
WSAD: Movement
J: Shoot
K: Jump
U: Change weapon
Enter: Start
P2 Controls:
Arrows: Movement
Numpad1: Shoot
Numpad2: Jump
Numpad2: Change weapon
NumpadEnter: Start
Other Controls:
Space: Coin
Escape: Exit game
O: Step one frame forward (press P to resume)
P: Pause/Resume
F5: Complete current stage
F: Advance forward (if player at left edge of screen, will kill them)
X: Shakes background, unknown purpose
N: Change difficulty settings (use LCtrl and LAlt to adjust)
M: Kill Player 1 (lose 1 life)
Numpad9: Kill Player 2 (lose 1 life)
F8: Slow-motion
F11: Save game data during play
F12: Unknown, but screen goes black and sometimes crashes

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